How is my reimbursement calculated?

Figo reimburses on the actual veterinary bill. We also offer the option to include coverage for veterinary exam fees on any covered accident or illness.
Figo calculates your reimbursement in the following order:
  1. The co-pay is applied to the total amount of the covered claim.
  2. Then, the deductible (if applicable) is applied. 
  3. The remaining balance is paid directly to your account electronically. (Physical checks are available by choice.)

Reimbursement Example (with an unmet annual deductible)
Vet Bill  $2,000
Co-Pay 10% -$200
Deductible 90% -$100
Reimbursement to You $1,700

You Pay $300.00               Figo Pays $1,700
Reimbursement Example (with a met annual deductible)
Vet Bill $2,000
Co-Pay 10% -$200
Deductible 90% $0
Reimbursement to You $1,800

 You Pay $200.00               Figo Pays $1,800

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