How do I register my pet tag and setup my pet’s online profile?

It's easy, and rather fun to set up your Pet Tag and Profile! From the Pet Cloud home page, click on My Pets (the pet tag icon). You should then see your pet(s) listed and a message next to their name if their pet tag is not registered.
Click on the arrow near your pet's name, and their profile will expand. Towards the bottom of their profile, you will see "Register Pet Tag" in a red box. Click on "Register Pet Tag", and simply enter your tag number, twice to confirm, and you are good to go!
From this page you are also able to update your pet's profile picture, their family's contact information and add some personal details about your pet. This is what someone would see if they found your lost pet and entered your pet's tag number into our website (so make sure to include any tips about taking care of your pet, just in case).

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