What's excluded?

Boarding Kennel & Cattery Fees Exclusions - Our policy does include some exclusions to the Boarding Kennel & Cattery Fee's coverage and we want to make sure that they are easy to understand and clearly stated. In order for this coverage to apply, the pet owner must be admitted to the hospital for a minimum of 96 hours.

If your injury or illness first revealed itself before your pet was covered under this policy or if you are hospitalized for treatment of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, suicide attempt or self-inflicted injuries, this coverage will not apply.

If you are hospitalized due to receiving any treatment that is not related to sickness, injury, disease or due to giving birth, which did not result from a medical emergency, this coverage will not apply.

If you are treated in a care setting other than a hospital, this coverage will not apply.

Advertising & Reward Exclusions - Coverage under Advertising & Reward will not be applied if you are unable to submit a signed receipt detailing the full name and address of the person who found your pet or if the reward was paid to any person living with you, related to you, employed by you or a person who is well-known to you or your pet.

There will be no benefits paid out under this coverage if the disappearance of your pet resulted from your neglect or deliberate concealment.

Loss Due to Theft or Straying Exclusions - We will not pay any benefits if you, or the person looking after your pet, freely parts with your pet even if tricked into doing so.

Vacation Cancellation Exclusions -  The Vacation Cancellation coverage will not provide any benefits if the vacation was booked less than 28 days before you were due to leave. Nor will this coverage assist in reimbursing any cost of vacation cancellation insurance.

Mortality Benefit Exclusions ("Death from covered illness or injury") - We will pay, up to the maximum annual benefit for this coverage (as shown) if your pet dies or has to be euthanized by a vet during the policy period as a result of illness or injury: a. Up to $250 for cremation and burial expenses; and b. The price you paid for your pet. If you did not pay for your pet or have no formal proof of how much you paid in the form of an original receipt, we will pay you the lesser of the current local humane society adoption fee for the species of your pet, or $150. There is no co-pay or deductible applied to this coverage. Lastly, there would be no benefit to have your pet examined or tested post-mortem.

There are a few reasons why your Mortality / Death Benefit claim may not be covered:  

1. If your veterinarian is not able to confirm your pet's death or sign the death claim form. 
2. If your dog is 8 years or older and dies as the result of illness or your cat is 10 years or older and dies as the result of illness. 
3. If your pet was euthanized at your request and not at the suggestion of the vet, or because of behavior or emotional disorder, including aggression.                             

Note: This coverage is excluded from Essential & Preferred Plans. 
The “other knee” if my pet has cruciate treatment history - Unfortunately, research shows that once one knee has been injured, it is much more likely that the other will follow in injury as well. If your pet has shown clinical signs of a cruciate or soft tissue injury to one knee prior to the effective date of this policy, or during the first 6 months of the policy (where no certification of knee health has been provided) and appropriate treatment has not been performed, then the other knee is automatically excluded from coverage.

Once the appropriate treatment has been performed, the other knee will be excluded from coverage for a period of 12 months from the date of last treatment to the affected knee. So, if you stay on top of treatment, and the other knee is still healthy and showing no clinical signs of a soft tissue injury, coverage is possible.

This exclusion applies when the first knee started showing signs or symptoms of a condition or injury prior to the start of your policy or during the 6 month knee waiting period. 

Therapeutic Pet Food - We will cover the cost or fees for food if it is used to dissolve existing bladder stones and crystals in urine. In this circumstance, we will only pay for the food for up to 6 months of treatment. After this, we may request a urine sample from your pet to determine if continued treatment is necessary.

Other than this situation, we do not cover the costs or fees for food, including food prescribed by your vet, to treat or prevent illness.

Supplements - Coverage for supplements is not included in our policy. If you are unsure if your pet's medications are supplements or prescription medication, please ask your veterinarian. 

Intervertebral Disc Disease - The only exclusions in coverage that apply to Intervertebral Disc Disease are when another disc in the same or neighboring spinal region was previously treated or showing clinical signs prior to the effective date of your policy or during the 14-day waiting period for illnesses. This waiting period begins on the effective date of your policy.

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